Why You Need Social Proof For Your Business

Why You Need Social Proof For Your Business - Rosemary March Creative Studio

Your business is amazing and you know it! But how to you convince potential clients that you are the real deal and instill confidence in your abilities? This can be especially challenging in the beginning of your business. Social proof is basically testimonials given by past customers and clients on a social platform. These days, consumers look to places like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to influence their buying choices.

We’ve create a list of ways to build consumer trust and use social proof to on-board potential clients and entice potential customers.

  1. Do A Trade: If you know an influencer in your community with a loyal and attentive social media audience, reach out to them! Offer to provide them with a product or service in exchange for a written testimonial and feedback on their experience. It’s great if you can include Instagram stories, a social post or even a blog post in your arrangement. This way, you can benefit from their audience and potential connect with your target market. Working with influencers and prominent community members can help you quickly connect with your ideal client.

  2. Create Case Studies. This shows potential clients the success other clients have had after using you. If you sell physical products, show how your customer’s lives have been dramatically improved by using your products.

  3. List Your Credentials: In a classy way of course! But don’t forget to list your education, courses you’ve completed and wards your business has received. Even including business or community organization you are a part of can help with your credibility.

  4. Media: Has our business appeared in the media before? TV, Print and even online publications/blogs should be listed on your website. Anytime you are mentioned somewhere influential, list it!