Why We Chose A Bold & Unexpected Color Palette For Our Brand

Why We Chose A Bold & Unexpected Color Palette For Our Brand - Rosemary March Creative Studio

COLOR plays in integral role in how your brand is perceived. As designers, we are fascinated with COLOR psychology and implementing the right COLOR palettes for the brands that we create.

In regards to design firms and creative industries, we have noticed a shift towards calm, muted tones and lots of white space. This looks awesome and we love the modern and professional look it creates. However, we have found that this design trend can be repetitive and significantly limit brand recognition.

We spent a long time crafting a palette of colors and a brand presence that we felt truly represents the vibrancy of our business and the core values of our brand. I pieced together what made me unique as a designer, my personal style and the way in which I operate this business. There were a few things that I was sure of. We are friendly, inclusive, knowledgeable, trustworthy and innovative. I knew we needed something different and I knew I didn’t want to look like a copycat of anyone else. This brand would be entirely unique to us. The three principal colors we chose are blue, orange and yellow. Each color represents a different aspect of our brand. Here is the rationales behind our color choices:

Blue: We first chose a navy blue because it is often associated with stability, security and reliability. A strong and reliable presence is the foundation of our brand. We also choose blue as the principal color because it is relaxing and we wanted our web presence to be calming and inviting.

Yellow: We chose yellow because it is bright, energetic and sparks innovation. Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity. Our brand is deeply rooted in the community and our we continuously strive to be a positive force championing our fellow entrepreneurs.

Orange: We chose orange because it is playful, creative and encouraging. It packs an unexpected punch that is both surprising and visually interesting. I use orange to add a unique pop of color to my personal Instagram page as well. It helps tie together my two pages and creates visual constancy to foster brand recognition.

What do your brand COLORS say about your business?

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