Targeting Your Ideal Client On Social Media & Revolutionizing Your Business

Targeting Your Ideal Client On Social Media & Revolutionizing Your Business - Rosemary March Creative Studio

Your mom probably told you when you were younger, “Not everyone is going to like you” and if you probably shrugged off her wisdom. As much as we hate to say it, mom was totally right.

In modern day society, a lot of our self-confidence and so-called successes are attributed to the amount of “likes” and “follows” we get on social media. As a cultural whole, we have a desperate need to be liked by others. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked, it can create a range of new challenges when it comes to owning a business.

In our desire to acquire mass amounts of followers and likes, often as business owners we are resorting to less than great ways of acquiring them. The popularity of buying likes and followers on social media is growing constantly. The question is, does that really help your business or brand? On the basic level of sales and money in your pocket, does it really help? The simple answer is unfortunately, no. You may gain a few real engaged followers here and there, but for the cost and effect it has on your credibility, it does more harm than good.

The truth is, in order to really be successful on social media, you can’t be afraid to repel individuals you who don’t fall into your target audience. This means structuring your visuals, crafting your captions and speaking directly to your audience every single time you show up on social platforms. In our Better Branding Handbook, we provide a guide to creating your ideal client and exploring what they like, what they dislike and the problems your brand can solve for them.

Don’t be swayed by the allure of mass appeal. It may seem wonderful to have 1000s and 1000s of followers. However, if those individuals aren’t engaging with your brand and don’t care about what you’re offering, then what value are they really bringing to your business? It would be better to have a 200 real, active and engaged followers who hang off every word you post. Imagine 200 people in a room listening to you talk about your brand. Sounds more impressive now huh?

Focus on narrowing down your target audience and serving them to the best of your abilities. By anticipating their needs and offering your expertise, you will craft a loyal audience that will happily be converted to paying customers. Why? Because they are interested in your brand, they have faith in you and they see the value that you offering to them. You will be astonished that by finding your niche, your business will be more successful and you’ll attract more of your dream clients.