Master Your To-Do List With Actionable Tasks

Master Your To-Do List With Actionable Tasks - Rosemary March Creative Studio

As an entrepreneur, It seems like the to-do list is always never-ending! In order to have the satisfaction of accomplishment and tackle your tasks in productive manner, what should you do? In the studio, we have developed a system for productivity that has worked wonders for our design team.

No you don’t need a paid application or fancy software! We use a simple, free program called Google Keep. It is tucked away at the bottom of the Google Apps in your Google account. At the beginning of each work day we put together a concise list of actionable tasks that we will complete throughout the day. If the time is available, we will create color coded lists for the days to follow. In order for our to-do lists to be effective and manageable, we make each task small. For example; instead of writing “Write E-Course”. A goal that will take weeks to accomplish, we write “Write Introduction To E-Course”. This task is achievable within the day and works towards a larger goal.

We also include tasks like “Answer Email From Michelle”, “Complete 20 Mins Of Pinterest Marketing”, “Schedule Email” and more. These mundane tasks float around in your head and it’s challenging to remember what you need to do. By taking a couple mins to write everything down in a list, it takes it out of your brain and gives you the energy to focus completely on the job at hand. At the end of your day, you’ll find yourself with 15-20 checkboxes ticked off with tasks accomplished. This feels so rewarding! We often overlook those small tasks as not “real work”, but they are. By recording all the things you are doing throughout the day, you can really answer the question “Where did the day go?”. By knowing how long things take, you can more accurately bill for your time and quote more realistically based on the time spent on project management. As the saying goes, “time is money” and we spent more time on project management then we would all like to admit.

In addition to Google Keep, we also take full advantage of all the great features of Google Calendar. It is especially helpful for scheduling phone calls. The reminder 10 mins prior is a life saver and saves us from remembering that we need to call a customer. Anytime you can take something off your mind and write it down, it is a good idea. Don’t be afraid that organization tools will slow you down, in the long run, they will save you so much time and headache.

We would love to hear what organization tools are currently working for you and your business! Comment below!