How To Plan A Digital Campaign

How To Plan A Digital Campaign - Rosemary March Creative Studio

Coming up with a digital campaign plan allows you to post intentionally and cohesively, where all parts of your digital presence come together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Are you launching a new product? Are you having an event? Having clear and consistent content is the best way to get the response you are looking for from your online audience.

Don’t let the name intimidate you. A digital campaign is simply a coordinated series of digital content, such as social media posts and emails. They should all work together to promote your particular piece of content. They should also be tied together aesthetically.

First things first, you will have to decide which platforms you will be using for your campaign. Are you going to be going with your top performing ones? Are you going to use this campaign to build your performance in some platforms that might be struggling? It is important to think about the the strengths of each platform and harness them for the needs of your campaign.

It is also time to set your goals. What do you want to gain out of this campaign? You could be promoting an event, or launching a new product. However you can also use an email campaign to build up your presence on social media, or a social media campaign to build your email list. This will not only allow you to plan effectively, but also can allow you to collect the relevant data as your campaign runs, to be able to judge the effectiveness.

So now you’ve got your platforms and goals in mind. It is time for your idea What is the general overarching concept you want to communicate through this campaign?

Once you’ve got that nailed down, plan out your post schedule. Determine where you would like to post and how many posts you will need to put together ahead of time. Remember to keep in mind the needs of your campaign and the strengths of each platform. For example, email can be a great way of teasing a social media campaign before it’s launch, but if your goal is to grow your email list, you will want to use social media to do so. Are you using video? Are you going to boost any posts? All of this will dictate what content you will need. Remember to not overload your platforms when planning your schedule.

Now take all of this and start getting that copy together. What do you want to say in each post? Keep in mind in what order you are posting and make sure your posts make sense in context with each other. If you would like to utilize hashtags for this campaign, it’s time to come up with one.

Time for the visuals. This could mean having a designer create images for you, having a photographer shoot photos, or you might decide to film videos. It’s important to maintain consistency over all your platforms. Make sure to stick to one aesthetic, use a particular colour scheme, stay cohesive with the photos, illustrations or graphics (pick one!), and absolutely make sure to stay on brand.

Once you have all your content ready to go, make sure to organize it in a way where you can be sure what you are posting, when you are posting it, and where you are posting. There are so many options for this, it’s all down to personal preference. Maybe you are more of a spreadsheet person, or maybe you have a favorite calendar app.

Remember to keep tabs on your goal while your campaign is running and after it’s finished. This way you can look back and see if your goals were met. For example, did your social media campaign grow your email list? Did your email campaign bring people over to your Facebook? Did your website traffic grow during the campaign? This will help you get to know your platforms and audience even better, and help you plan your next campaign! Good luck!

Article By Maryanne McFarlane, Graphic Designer at RMCS